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Winner Spotlight: Lanazul Chef Series

Lanazul Chef Series

Winning Agency: LEAP Group Network

2022 Award of Excellence: Campaign for Web Series

When Lunazul came to LEAP Agency, they had a smooth-drinking tequila that was languishing out of sight on the bottom shelves of liquor stores. Lunazul’s previous marketing efforts had focused on functional attributes, but the brand’s messaging lacked an emotional angle to hook consumers via a compelling POV. LEAP utilized focus groups across the United States to understand Lunazul’s drinkers: 21- to 45-year-olds living in key markets with a deep interest in culture, food, and travel. They found those consumers to be adventurous, with a thirst for life and a hunger for new things. LEAP capitalized on this via a series of video shorts for social media showcasing professional chefs creating delicious meals using Lunazul tequila as a star ingredient.

This audience research also set the tone for LEAP’s brand refresh, inspired by the wolf iconography embossed on every Lunazul bottle. It created a provocative brand mantra that was also a stirring call to action: Lunazul is the tequila that encourages consumers to gather their pack, hunt for new experiences, and devour every moment. This strategy moved Lunazul from a bottom-shelf brand to a coveted third-shelf consideration for the discerning tequila consumer, now prominently featured alongside other premium brands.


LEAP Group Network
Client: Lanazul

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