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Kara’s Top 5 FAQs This Season

Our expert producer Kara Cleary is here to help with all of your entry-related queries and concerns.

Kara Cleary

Why Kara loves The Communicator Awards:

The competition honors excellence and meaningful communication in all forms. It is an honor to guide entrants through the entry process clear through to the notifications.

Here are the top 5 frequently asked questions received so far this season:


When should the work have been created?

We honor a two year window of qualification, therefore to be eligible for a Communicator Award, entries must have been produced after Jan 1, 2021.

Can I mail a check?

Not a problem! During the entry process, please choose offline payment by check or ACH Wire Transfer.

Who can enter?

The Communicator Awards is open to all companies, agencies, organizations or individuals involved in producing communication materials for external or internal audiences.

How many categories can I enter?

An entry can be entered in multiple categories as appropriate. If work is entered in multiple categories, it is eligible to win multiple times. The entry fee is per entry per category entered.

Did I pick the wrong category?

The Academy reserves the right to move entries to other categories if it is clearly appropriate to do so.

Of course, if you have any questions or hesitations about entering please don’t hesitate to contact Kara via email at You probably have worked with her in the past, and if you are a new entrant, she can help guide you through the process so you feel at ease.

To ensure your great work is submitted without a hitch, check out our Entry Requirements page for our expert and a useful breakdown of the rules for each media type.


Our Final Entry Deadline is January 27th, 2023.

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