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Winner Story

ok! seguros Rebranding by WYcreative

The brand refresh project undertaken by WYcreative for ok! seguros was driven by the need for adaptability and versatility in an increasingly digital and dynamic world. The team recognized the responsibility of evolving a well-recognized brand in the Portuguese market while maintaining its core identity, successfully earning the 2023 Award of Excellence in Corporate Identity: General – Brand Redesign or Refresh last year. 

We sat down with the WYcreative team to discuss their creative process, their biggest challenges and how winning a Communicator Award has validated their hard work and motivated them to innovate further.

Describe your biggest challenge producing all the elements for the new identity.
Our main obstacle was also our main reason of pride: the brand’s unification and consistency. We really wanted for all the brand to fit and speak for itself. Our goal was for people to look at any brand communication with no logo and say: that’s ok! It involved lots of attention to details and a thorough work of validation to make sure that every element had the same core.

Which aspects of the project are you most proud of?
Most of all, the relationship that we were able to create with the client, who trusted us throughout the whole process. This confidence allowed us to propose more ideas, disrupt old concepts and go that extra-mile. Also, the ability to create something from scratch gave us an immense library that makes working with the brand nowadays so much easier, using the design system and all elements in an integrated communication in every channel.

How does this project represent WYcreative’s creative ethos?
Always evolve, always changing, always aim for the next step. At WYcreative we thrive for the new. More than “just” a rebranding, we took a leap and started working on a design system and every element related to the brand. Because that’s the truth for clients: a brand is not only the image, the logo. It is the entire brand ecosystem evolving the experience.

How did your team celebrate your win?
An international award is a great reason to celebrate. We immediately informed our client that was immensely proud for its brand and for the hard work we put into it. During this whole process, we celebrated each step of the way, each new milestone. Winning the Communicator Awards was the ultimate validation that we actually did a great job and the team should be proud. Next year, wait for us, we’re coming back with new projects!

Are you giving life to a new brand like WYcreative? There’s still time to enter your project before the Extended Entry Deadline on March 15th.

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