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Juror Spotlight

Aline Lin
Founder, CEO,
Creative Director,

Aline Lin is the founder, CEO, and Creative Director of Astriata, a web design and development agency dedicated to empowering individuals through purposeful design that guides user experiences. With over 26 years of web design experience and a background in psychology, biomedical communications, design, and usability, Aline employs a multifaceted approach to projects, integrating insights from science, behavior, and design. Astriata’s name draws inspiration from the “striatum,” a brain region linked to decision-making, motivation, cognition, and emotion. Aline believes these elements are pivotal in user experiences and represents areas Astriata strives to enhance through human insights, data, design, and technology.

Aline holds a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from Johns Hopkins University, and a Master of Arts degree in medical and biological illustration from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine. Her work has earned recognition from institutions like Communication Arts and Fast Company.

What’s one thing you wish you knew when you first started your career?
I never thought I would own my own business one day because I always saw myself as an artist first but I quickly realized that when you do, sales came with the territory. As a naturally shy person in a society that promotes showmanship, I wish I had discovered earlier that being quiet and thoughtful could be just as powerful. This would have helped me be more comfortable in my own skin.

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