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Juror Spotlight

Ata Güneş
CEO, Black Studio

Ata Güneş graduated from Marmara University TV and Cinema Arts. He has been producing content since his school years by understanding the sense of blending graphics and reality with each other. He has received many global awards for his work so far and has been a jury member in some important organizations. Ata undertook the design, marketing and management of mobile apps, games, and marketing strategies used by millions of people. He worked as a director in the media, TV, tech and design industry for more than 10 years. Combining technology, art and creativity, founded an innovative web3, VR & metaverse company. He lives in Istanbul.

We spoke with Ata to learn more about his experience, creative fuel, and what he looks for in entries.

What are you looking for in entries to the Communicator Awards?
First of all, I sincerely congratulate everyone who has participated so far. I consider even being able to participate in this process as a big step. I pay close attention to the harmony of the participants’ work with the category, because competing in the right category can bring the details of the work to the forefront much more. Then I evaluate the quality and showcase status of the work. Then I try to analyze the message and subtext of the work very well. Finally, I try to make the right decision by comparing the works with their counterparts in the same category. The creative perspective will always be one step ahead for me.

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