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Winner Story

Refocused Together: October ADHD Awareness Month
by ADHD Online, LLC

We spoke with Lindsay Guentzel (Podcast Host and Producer, ADHD Online LLC) and Keith “Bos” Boswell (VP of Marketing, Mentavi Health) about their Communicator Award-winning podcast Refocused. Produced in partnership with ADHD Online, the podcast focuses on ADHD treatment and mental health. Last year, Refocused won the 2023 Award of Excellence in Podcasts: Series – Causes & Awareness, the 2023 Award of Excellence in Podcasts: Series – Diversity, Equity & Inclusion and a 2023 Award of Distinction in Podcasts: Series – Educational. Read more to learn what it was like to produce one podcast episode per day last October for ADHD Awareness Month.

Lindsay Guentzel: As we moved through the interviews, though, what really inspired us to keep going, and to bring the project back again this year, was the stunning vulnerability of our guests. We were asking people who did not know me or ADHD Online, to come in and trust us with their stories. Unfortunately, people in this community can get so stuck in stigma and shame. But all it takes is a few, in our case 31, people to give voice to their experience and we can begin to change the narrative.

How does ADHD Online define creative success?
Keith Boswell: Providing a sense of comfort, understanding, awareness, or a feeling of being seen–if any of these is present, we’ve succeeded. When we talked about creating the podcast, we thought of it as a gift to the community, no strings attached.

Lindsay Guentzel: When listeners write in and say things like ‘I finally feel understood and to understand myself, it’s a feeling I’ve never felt before’ we know that we’ve hit the mark.

Keith Boswell: Recently, we’ve added ‘surprise and delight’ as an important component of our creative success. Everything from our marketing, in which we use purposely unusual images, to Refocused, in which we do things nobody else is doing and have conversations nobody else is having, is designed to surprise and delight. Because these topics can be heavy and difficult. But they are much easier to engage with and feel seen in when we add some levity.

Tell us about the first brainstorm session you had about the podcast.
Lindsay Guentzel: As the host and executive producer, I wanted to do something big for the podcast’s first ADHD Awareness Month. How an ADHD brain like mine could land on 31 episodes in 31 days is still a mystery, but it felt right. There is so much power in knowing you aren’t alone in sharing that human experience. I feel so blessed to not only be a part of it but also that my team trusted me enough in that initial pitch meeting that not one person said anything except, “Yes, we have to do this!”

Keith Boswell:
Imagine a group of neurodiverse people in a room; the ideas were flying! We wanted to create a community and create a resource for patients. And, of course, from a business perspective, we wanted to explore this new area of content marketing. None of us had ever done something like this before, even our seasoned marketing team, and it gave us a space to expand into and be creative. Giving Lindsay the reins to run it as she saw fit, with our feedback and input, felt like the best collaboration we could create. And it’s proven to be right.

How did Refocused Together contribute to ADHD Online’s mission?
Keith Boswell: ADHD Online’s mission is to improve the lives of those with ADHD and other mental illnesses. We saw very quickly through our webinars that people want these resources. People are eager to hear other people’s stories, experiences, challenges, and learnings. And we want to be that leader and that resource. The unspoken part of our mission is that we just want to give everyone a big hug. So that’s what Refocused Together is. It’s a big hug with experiences, stories, and resources.