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Jury Selection

Eboni Munn
Senior Director of Audience Strategy,
A Worthi Company

Born and raised on the east coast and currently based in Los Angeles, CA, Eboni Munn is an award-winning writer, creator, marketer and content producer with a demonstrated history of working with clients such as Lionsgate, Amazon Prime, Paramount +, Bumble, Alma app, Converse, It Gets Better Project, NYC Pride, and others.

She is also an Executive Member of the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences and has judged content, marketing, and script writing for the Webby Awards, the Anthem Awards, the Telly Awards, Communicator Awards, Shorty Awards and the ScreenCraft Short Film Competition.

For her efforts, she has been awarded Branding, Marketing, Social Media, and Viral Content achievements from the Webby Awards, Shorty Impact Awards, Anthem Awards, Communicator Awards, PR News Digital Awards and The Telly Awards.

We asked Eboni to weigh in on what she finds interesting in culture. We’re celebrating 30 years at The Communicator Awards, so she shared some of her favorites from the 90s as well.

Eboni's Selects

The Read – This weekly podcast starring Kid Fury and Crissle provides up-to-date roundups of headline news centering Black culture from a Black and queer lens.

The Scottie and Sylvia Show – This podcast feels like a weekly sister-hug from your good girlfriends as Scottie Beam and Sylvia Obell tackle pop culture infused with personal anecdotes from their own lives.

The Friend Zone – A podcast all about mental health, mental wealth, and mental hygiene that also gives great recommendations on new music and older classics that you should give another listen to.

Mobile Apps
Canva – This app makes it easy to create social + video assets and presentations on the go. Quick edits are also easy to make from your mobile phone.

Blinq – Blinq is a really cool way to share your contact card, official website, and LinkedIn page through a quick scan of a personalized QR code. It’s a new way to exchange business cards without physical prints.

Artivive – This app is a new way to experience art by using augmented reality. The technology links classic art to the digital world where consumers can unlock extended emotional experiences through their phones.

TV Shows from the 90s
Living Single – One of my favorite sitcoms from the 1990s following six friends living in Brooklyn as they juggle budding careers, love, and friendship. Queen Latifah, Kim Coles, Erika Alexander and Kim Fields are also comedy gold.

Sabrina The Teenage Witch – One of the funniest teen shows I remember watching as a kid. The show centered around a 16-year-old Sabrina who is new to her powers as a witch, while her aunts offer guidance in how to use her magical powers.

New York Undercover – As a tri-state area native, New York Undercover was quintessential TV growing up. My favorite part of the show was undoubtedly the cameos along with R&B and classic soul music performances from that era’s biggest artists.

Video Games from the 90s
Sonic the Hedgehog – Everyone loved Sonic in the ’90s and so did I. Nintendo 64 had us all cleaning our cartridges by blowing into it for maximum gaming.

Mortal Kombat II – The “Get Over Here” move by Scorpion was one of the most well-known phrases and moves growing up.

Street Fighter II – Multiplayer fighting + “Spinning Bird Kick” + “Dragon Punch” made this game an instant classic in the ’90s.

Music from the 90s
No Scrubs (TLC) – I remember staying home from school so I would be sure to catch the premiere of this video on TRL. Still one of the best music videos in terms of cinematography, visuals, and choreography.

You Outta Know (Alanis Morissette) – Arguably one of the best songs that came out of the ’90s full of anticipation, rage, and all of Alanis’ emotions on one track.

The Boy Is Mine (Brandy & Monica) – All of the high school sleepovers that I attended had us choosing sides: would we sing Brandy or Monica’s lines? (I always chose Monica.)