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Season 30 Opening Letter from Managing Director, Lauren Angeloni

A Welcome from Managing Director, Lauren Angeloni


Dear AIVA Community,

I am so honored to kick off the 30th Season of the Communicator Awards. It is humbling and inspiring to look back on three decades of impactful communication, relentless creativity and the powerful community that has been built across the lifetime of these awards.

In a time of rapid change and innovation, effective storytelling and compelling narratives remain central pillars of good communication. We will continue to shine a light on the work that upholds these qualities, while also expanding to make room for the tools and innovations that are redefining creativity and communication as we’ve known it.

Last season, we made big changes to the structure of the awards. I heard and appreciated every piece of feedback submitted. I’m excited to share more adjustments and additions which I truly hope will suit the needs of your work. Among those are:

  • A new suite of “Emerging Tech” categories to reflect the ever-evolving nature of digital creativity. This will include projects in the realms of Virtual and Augmented Realities, Web 3.0, AI, and can expand to include the next generation of digital tools and platforms yet to be introduced.
  • Expanded and streamlined Writing, Video and Podcasts categories supporting our core focus on compelling narratives and great storytelling.
  • A new cohort of esteemed Jurors who reflect the diversity and prestige of the work submitted by our Entrants each year. This will include experts from Amazon, Mailchimp, Superfly, Good Black Art and more.
  • A robust calendar of engaging content showcasing past Communicator winners and a series of live interviews introducing our esteemed AIVA Panel Of Jurors.

I very much look forward to doing whatever I can to make the Communicator Awards best serve and honor all of the strong work you’ve produced this year. Our Jurors are ready to be awed by the creativity and impact which have long been hallmarks of these awards. We will undoubtedly see many changes in the next three decades, but this will still be true: “Communication is Timeless”. I can’t wait to see the work that will join a circle of winners decades in the making.

I wish all of our entrants the best of luck this season!

As Ever,

Lauren Angeloni
Managing Director


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