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Communication is Timeless

Extended Entry Deadline
March 15, 2024

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The Communicator :30

Ep 2: Leonardo Arcoverde: Is Print Dead?

We challenge our experts to answer one “big” question in only 30 seconds in a new, race-against-the-clock video series. We’re excited to feature AIVA Juror Leonardo Arcoverde, VP & Creative Director at McCann Health NY. Don’t miss his 30-second take on the future of print.

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Winner Story

Research at the Speed of Trust by The Native Center for Behavioral Health

The Native Center for Behavioral Health embarked on a research guide project to assist researchers working with Indigenous communities. Initially conceived as a pocket guide, it evolved into a comprehensive 32-page book. We spoke with the project lead and communications manager, Meg Schneider, to get a behind the scenes look at their team and process.

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Jury Selection

Luis Vargas
Senior Product Designer, Ryan

With over 25 years experience in the marketing, technology, and television sectors, Luis has created content for clients such as Direct TV, Revlon, Smirnoff, Sprite, Nikki Minaj, Danny Ocean, Kia, and many others. Currently, he delivers visual narratives and impactful UX design for SAAS apps. Learn more about his thoughts on VR Ping Pong, design podcasts, and his favorite 90s tech innovations.

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AIVA LIVE: In Session


Kindra Meyer, Creative Consultant

Alongside being an AIVA Juror, Kindra is a Creative Consultant with over 20 years of experience working with some of the world's largest brands to tell unique stories that resonate with their consumers. Watch Now.


Kareem Mortimer
Co-Founder, Best Ever Film

Bahamian filmmaker Kareem Mortimer made a groundbreaking debut with Children of God in 2010, addressing LGBTQ themes. His film Passage won an African Movie Academy Award in 2014. Watch now to learn more about his career and what he's looking for in entries this season.


David LaRosa
CEO & Creative Director, Verso

He is a trusted creative partner to brands such as SONY, Viking, Oceania Cruises, Hawthorne Effect, Grace Hill, Toyota, Lexus, GoPro and Disney, and has won numerous design awards.
Watch now to learn more about his process for reviewing entries this season.


Fabian Geyrhalter
Principal, FINIEN

Alongside being an AIVA Juror, Fabian is the Principal at FINIEN, where he specializes in brand transformations. He is also the author of 4 books on branding and marketing that have all climbed the Amazon bestseller lists. Watch now to hear more about his career, creative philosophy, and what he looks for in Communicator Award entries this season.

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