A Note on the Covid-19 Pandemic

As those who recognize and honor the very best in the world of marketing communications, we feel it’s important to acknowledge what a challenging time this is for us all. We hope you and your families are all safe, healthy, and doing as well as you possibly can in the face of this global pandemic.

Based on feedback from our AIVA member judges and larger Communicator Awards community, we will continue accepting entries as planned. We believe it’s important to cultivate ways to stay connected to our community and find moments to celebrate as we collectively make our way through the uncertain times ahead. We have many Academy members at home, eager to review and judge your work, and a community ready to share and celebrate your big ideas.

If you need a deadline extension, entry guidance, or help in any way, please reach out.


Best Practices in Communications

We recognize that our community is what makes us strong. As communications professionals, you are all undoubtedly confronting some of the most difficult challenges of your career. While we all struggle with how best to communicate and conduct business during this unprecedented time – we would like to call on our community of members to share your best practices and tips on how to navigate the uncertainty ahead.

If there is published work you’ve turned to, posts, checklists, a tweet you read (or wrote) or any resource you’ve referenced that your fellow community members might benefit from, we’d appreciate you sharing so that we in turn may spread the word to our greater AIVA community. You can reply using this link or find us on Twitter @commawards. We will of course credit you with the inspiration.

We wish you continued good health.

Please do reach out to us directly if we can be of any assistance.


Resources, insight & tips from our community

– Deloitte (a multiple award of excellence winner) has created a resource center full of articles, information and insight on the impact the Covid-19 pandemic is having on various industries – Learn More

– Current entrant, TimeZoneOne published a great article about marketing and tourism in the age of COVID-19. See it here.

American College of Cardiology
– Former Communicator Award winner American College of Cardiology has an outstanding resource hub filled with great tips and information regarding COVID-19. Visit their information hub here.

Hood Canal Communications
– An entrant in this year’s Communicator Awards, HCC has created a page on their website dedicated to COVID19 updates, to keep our customers informed.

Verywell Health
– Our friends at Verywell wrote a great article that includes general information, insight and details about the Covid-19 virus. You can find the article here.