19th Annual Communicator Award of Distinction Winners

2013 Mobile Winners
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Winner / Client Title of Entry Category City, State
3Dme Creative Studio
3Dme and ALDAF
Alcohol and Your Brain IX7: Mobile Apps - Health & Wellness Gold Coast, Queensland
Intro to the Cardio System IX7: Mobile Apps - Health & Wellness Montreal, Quebec
12 AAPS NBC Mobile App IX2: Mobile Apps - Education Arlington, VA
Accenture Outlook Journal IX1: Mobile Apps - Business Chicago, IL
Acquity Group
Discover Bank
Discover Mobile Deposit IX4: Mobile Apps - Finance Chicago, IL
Acquity Group
Chevy Goes Mobile IY4: Mobile Sites - Guides/Ratings/Reviews Chicago, IL
Colgate Palmolive (H.K.)
Refreshing Tea Garden IY5: Mobile Sites - Health & Wellness Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Artime Group
Utility Trailer Mfg Co.
Utility Mobile Website IY1: Mobile Sites - Business Pasadena, CA
NZ Auckland IX18: Mobile Apps - Travel Seoul, Seoul
Bayshore Solutions
The Florida Aquarium
The Florida Aquarium IY3: Mobile Sites - Entertainment Tampa, FL
Bayshore Solutions
World'sLeadingCruiseLines IY12: Mobile Sites - Travel Tampa, FL
BlackDog Advertising
Boston Tea Party Museum
Boston Tea Party Mobile IY12: Mobile Sites - Travel Miami, FL
BlackDog Advertising
Key West Rum Barrel
Rum Barrel Mobile IY3: Mobile Sites - Entertainment Miami, FL
Blue Atlas Marketing
Josephine's Day Spa
Josephine's Mobile App IX7: Mobile Apps - Health & Wellness Houston, TX
Eagle Boys
Eagle Boys Mobile Site IY1: Mobile Sites - Business Brisbane, Qld
RBC Royal Bank
Learning Money With Leo IX2: Mobile Apps - Education Toronto, Ontario
RBC Royal Bank
Learning Money With Leo IX3: Mobile Apps - Entertainment Toronto, Ontario
RRAR IY1: Mobile Sites - Business Raleigh, NC
O Jogo Mobile IX11: Mobile Apps - News Lisboa, Lisboa
Covernova Technology
Sendboo IX8: Mobile Apps - IM/Social Networking Doral, FL
Cru Digital
Hog's Breath Cafe
Hog's Breath Cafe IY1: Mobile Sites - Business Brisbane,
CSU, Chancellor's Office
Executive Orientation App IX2: Mobile Apps - Education Long Beach, CA
Curry Rockefeller Group
Appropo Professional IX1: Mobile Apps - Business Tarry Town , NY
DB Power Online Ltd
Travel Buddy IX4: Mobile Apps - Finance Hong Kong,
DB Power Online Ltd
Travel Buddy IX18: Mobile Apps - Travel Hong Kong,
Crown Center
Crown Center Mobile IY11: Mobile Sites - Shopping Overland Park, KS
Devlin Digital Inc.
Brentwood Classics
www.brentwoodclassics.com IY11: Mobile Sites - Shopping Toronto, Ontario
Kaspersky Lab
Kaspersky Lab Mobile Site IY1: Mobile Sites - Business Denver , CO
Emakina Group S.A.
Bavaria NV
Bavaria Babes IX3: Mobile Apps - Entertainment Brussels,
Emakina Group S.A.
Audi Q3: Online activation IY3: Mobile Sites - Entertainment Brussels,
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